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Wire rod to Rebar mill

ProductModel:Wire rod to Rebar mill
Updatetime:2017-11-08 23:26
Production Unit:Sanke

Brief introduction of cold rolled ribbed bar production line:
Characteristics of heat treatment equipment for A. cold rolled ribbed steel bar:
It will be hot rolled coil bar (Q235) by cold rolling, induction tempering after reaching HRB400 (HRB400) dimensions and mechanical function, the extension of the cold rolled ribbed bar rate is greatly improved and expanded the B cold-rolled ribbed steel heat treatment equipment:
The frequency control technology. The 1. production line adopts the international advanced inverter and servo technology and independent research and development, effective protection of the power transmission system and equipment is not damaged, can prolong the service life of the machine. It can save electricity 30-40%, -180 line speed can reach 90 meters, increase the production efficiency more than 40%.
2.. The company's reducer by using self-developed reducer, the production line of simplified structure, make the equipment more reasonable and compact. (omitted between the main reducer, reducer and main reducer mill reduced because the transmission distance is too long, many problems connecting flange is not concentric). Effectively improve the transmission efficiency of more than 30%, making equipment the stability provided by more than 60%. Effectively improve the production efficiency of equipment.
3.. The equipment used in PLC touch screen control system, make the operation easier, NC to a greater degree.
4.. The equipment is equipped with ultra audio frequency induction heating system, using spiral induction heating principle that the steel is heated evenly, indicating mechanical stability, protective layer formed on the surface of blue make steel without rust.
5.. The straightening machine adopts multi wheel synchronous control technology. Good straightening effect. The reinforcement of the small damage.
6.. Cut off by the self-developed inverter or servo control system of flying shear, easy to operate. The NC high degree, low failure rate, cut off the small error.
7.. The equipment mainly includes:

(1) the five round of phosphorus removal machine; (2) lubricating machine; (3) a K2 diameter reduction mill; (4) K3 positioning of a rolling mill; (5) a K1 main rolling mill (90kw VVVF motor, line speed 120-180M/S adjustment; electric adjustment; (6 lead tube); (7) the main dynamic type multi wheel straightening machine; (8) using the international advanced servo control system of cutting machine; (9) put rack 12M; (10) a proximity switch frame; (11) a control cabinet; (12) motor rail.冷轧带肋钢筋生产线简介: 

A. 冷轧带肋钢筋热处理设备特点

★ 将普通热轧盘园钢筋 (Q235) 通过冷轧 感应回火后达到 HRB400( 新 Ⅲ 级钢 的外形尺寸和力学功能 使冷轧带肋钢筋的延伸率大大提高 扩展了B冷轧带肋钢筋热处理设备范围:

★ 1. 该生产线采用国际 先进的变频加伺服技术和自主研发的全变频控制技术 有效的保护了输变电系统和设备不受损害 能 大的延长机械的使用寿命 可节约用电 30-40%, 线速度可达到 90 -180 米 提高生产效率 40% 以上 

★ 2. 本公司采用的减速机采用自主研发减速机 简化了生产线结构 使设备更加合理紧凑 .( 省去了主减速机与主轧机之间的减速机 减少了减速机因传动距离过长 连接法兰不同心的诸多问题 ). 有效的提高了传动效率 30% 以上 使设备的稳定性提了 60% 以上 有效的提高了设备的生产效率 

★ 3. 本设备使用 PLC 触摸屏数控系统 使操作变得更简单 数控程度更高 

★ 4. 本设备配备超音频感应加热系统 采用螺旋感应加热原理 使钢筋受热均匀 机械指示稳定 表面形成蓝色保护层使钢筋不受锈腐 

★ 5. 调直机采用多轮同步控制技术 调直效果好 对钢筋的损伤小 

★ 6. 切断采用自主研发变频或伺服飞剪控制系统 易操作 数控程度高 故障率低 切断误差小 

★ 7. 该设备主要包括

 (1) 五轮除磷机一台;(2) 润滑机一台;(3)K2 减径轧机一台;(4)k3 定位辅助轧机一台;(5)K1 主轧机一台 (90kw变频调速电机,线速度 120-180M/S, 调整方式;电动调整;(6) 导程管;(7) 主动式多轮调直机一台;(8) 采用国际先进伺服控制系统切断机一台;(9) 放料架12M;(10) 接近开关架一个;(11) 数控操作柜一台;(12) 电机导轨。